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“A taste of Heaven”

At Sweet O’clock every single creation is a taste of heaven. We want to bring our customers a whole new experience of magnificent taste. Our productions are made with only the best carefully chosen ingredients, along with our respect for tradition, we present our products the way you deserve.


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Japanese Grilled Beef Short Ribs

Watermelon Snowflake

Traditional Korean Roast Soybean Snowflake

Strawberry Snowflake

House Special Mix Fruit Tea

Matcha Red Bean Snowflake

House Special Matalang Rice Noodle Soup on Sizzling Bow

Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken

Cantaloupe Snowflake

Mini Honeylicious

Pineapple Snowflake

Spicy Red Swamp Crawfish

Strawberry Pancake with Sundae Supreme

Dried Fried Chicken Wings

Stired-Fried Preserved Pork with Hot Pepper

House Special Pork Rib with Sweet &Spicy Sauce

Taiwanese Deep Fried Squid Balls

Swiss Cream Rolls

House Special Deep Fried Chicken Wings On Sizzling Hot Plate

Japanese Style Matcha Double Cheesecake

Spiced Salt Beef Skewer

Japanese Style Deep Fried Cheese Dumpling

Japanese Style BBQ Oyster with Cheese

Japanese Grilled Diced Filet Gyudon with Black Pepper Sauce and Garlic

House Special Deep Fried Shrimp

Strawbelicious Honey Toast

Stir-Fried Beef with Scallion with Rice

Sweet O'Clock Signature Herbal Jelly

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